10 MLM Success Strategies

Achieving MLM success is not a mystery, but it seems like everyone knows somebody who has failed with a network marketing opportunity. As a result, some people have become very skeptical. How can you expect to succeed if you focus on the fears and attitudes of those who have failed?

The path to success is clear when you focus on the mlm success strategies used by mlm winners. Here are 10 strategies for success that separate the winners from the failures.

Have the Right Mindset. Before you even get started in multilevel marketing (or any home-based business), you have to have the right mindset. This means setting aside all the negativity you're hearing from everyone else, and focusing in on how to be successful in this industry. If you can do this then you will find yourself moving up the ladder instead of being stagnate.

Set Goals and Follow Through. MLM success will come more easily if you take a few minutes to set some real goals and write them down. Then develop an action plan to work your way to achieving those goals. Now, it's easy to set goals, but it's difficult to follow through with them. And the truth is that the “fortune is in the follow-up.” Sometimes life's events just get in the way and keep you from accomplishing your dreams. Or do they? Listen, there is no easy road to success and there will be many obstacles in the way. The MLM winners are those who overcome each one and continue to move forward.

Look for Successful People to Prospect. Most people who join a network marketing company are afraid to prospect to successful business people. However, successful business people know what it takes to succeed and they are the ones who are most likely to be successful with the opportunity your offer. While I agree wholeheartedly that you shouldn’t pre-judge people and exclude prospects just because they may not be employed at the time, why not maximize your success by going to people who already know how to be successful?

Use Your Sponsor. Many newcomers to network marketing start out working with their upline and then they drift away and start trying to go it alone. Remember, your upline’s success is tied directly to your success, so ask for his help, watch how he does things, and learn from him. If your upline is only a few minutes more experienced than you, go to his upline until you find a real expert who can guide you.

Take Advantage of Training Opportunities. MLM success is not a mystery. Good companies offer load of training. Take advantage of it. Keep taking advantage of it, even if you have already heard it before.

Win the Numbers Game. MLM is, at many levels, a numbers game. The more people who hear about your opportunity, the more likely it is that larger numbers will join. If 10% of those who hear about an opportunity join, that means that if you share the full opportunity with 10 people, 1 will join. If you share it with 100, 10 will join. Learn that stats for the company you belong to and set hard targets for presenting the opportunity. Then develop a plan and follow through.

Organize Your Time. Planning everything out is crucial part of everyday life. Those who fly by the seat of their pants end up having more issues, than those who prefer an organized schedule. Poor time management is one of the things that causes new network marketers to flounder. Time is your most preciaous resource. MLM success depends on elarning how to manage it. Get my Time Management Tips for Home Based Business Owners. Educate, Don't Sell! Time and time again, I see people trying to sell their MLM business as opposed to educating their contacts. Remember, these people you're speaking with day in and day out only know a small portion about your company. If you can teach them the path to success, it will build a good rapport. They will also be able to see the big picture as opposed to short-term success. Remember, nobody likes a hard sell and nobody trusts someone who acts like the stereotype of a used car salesman (no offense to the several excellent and honest used car salesmen that I know).

Never Present to Your Own Close Friends and Family. If you've ever tried to be involved with an MLM company, everyone always talks about getting a hold of your "warm list." This is simply all the friends, relatives, and co-workers you know that you have a good relationship with for the most part. Unfortunately, these same people have become extremely skeptical and want to see you make money first (well most of them anyways). As someone I know who has been extremely successful with network marketing puts it, “Your friends and family won’t believe that you are an expert on a business you just learned about 5 minutes ago. However, they will believe that you met someone who is an expert.” So, invite your close friends and family to learn about the opportunity, and then put them in front of an expert (your upline) to do the actual presenting. Make sure you establish that person as an expert before they start, and then sit back and let your upline explain the business. Eventually, you will be presenting to the friends and family of your downline, so take advantage of this opportunity to listen closely to how it’s done.

Be the Team Member You Want Your Team Members to Be. Your team will follow you. If they see you staying in action, they will stay in action. If they see you setting goals, they will set goals. If they see you attending training, they will attend training. Get the picture? Take a moment and write down the characteristics that you would like to see in your downline. Then be those things. Your team will look to you to show them the path to MLM success.

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